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         VTECH GOLDEN (M) SDN BHD (928688U)

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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 GST 000753131520



:0120181203-JH020298, Gred G5

:(C3) SPAN/EKS/(PT)/800-2C/2/19/631

:(D)   SPAN/EKS/(PT)/800-2D/2/19/631

Energy Commission Reg No  

:ESCO 202(2019)/39/2019 

MOF Reg No


Air Selangor Reg No


We provide value added engineering services to our customers who value efficient operations.We pay attention to the system operations in whole, not on individual components.We are a group of professionals who provide our expertise in conformance to international standards and regulations. 

We are renowned in this region for our work in designing,building and operating the most productive and efficient systems and services technically possible within the limitations of the existing facility of our customer through pure and innovative engineering.

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